It works. All four string notes and frets work. Obviously being in uni means my leds are home but as a MIDI device to play air guitar…it works. 

So, patented here…air guitar tab:

‘I believe in a thing called love’ – The Darkness 

Full prototype device:

TheMyTFozzy Air bass mk1:

And the streams of coding that created this ‘Dragon’s Den’ wannabe:

Next step. The build of gloves and harness for the board. As the board isn’t my property I’ll use a Breadboard to connect it to and I’ll hot glue the cables in. That way, as the board and cables are mine, the teensy can be removed and I can put my own on when it arrives. Otherwise it would be soldered up and put into a more sleeker design but for uni project purposes I want  it to be on show.

Note to Matt, I am not a performer so if you want a demonstration of this Andy Gregory has agreed to play it…in actual fact, he has stressed his interest in creating something for me to be on the side line playing.  

Safe to say this is my favourite module of this course and really hoping to do more in the coming years. 



Posted on March 21st 2017.


Air guitar mk2

So, building an air guitar, waiting on the bits to arrive so u can assemble it I stumbled upon an idea. 

I’m adding a knight rider style light show to each string.  Meaning, when a string is being played, a set of leds will blink like the knight rider light. 

Note to Aidan, I purchased leds with pre wired in resistors. 

So far I got this:

I’m gonna go simple and have 4 leds per string, then everything is in 4s.

1 finger and 1 fret down.

I’ve done it.  Spent a few days but I now have a MIDI controllable bottom E and first fret selector for my gloves/jacket.

Watched videos on YouTube about multiple buttons but they were getting me know where. I found the bounce.h to be a fantastic was to simplify button input.

Basic circuit to… 

Took me a while to realise that having an if statement inside an if statement meant I could have a closure statement of else containing the two ifs I needed. Also, as you’ll see in my code, there is only an added buttonState == LOW where the requirement for the fret to increase by 1.

Now, I’ll duplicate the buttons, add a few extra for other frets. Name them all separately so I can manipulate them separately and then… Find more problems to overcome. 

Like my current lack of buttons. 

When the dam thing doesn’t wanna work!!!

Spent all my lecture time today working on the code to get the button to play an E. Did it. Perfect. 

Brought teensy home so I can continue working on my project and when I finished the install or teensy files to arduino it decided to run the loop constantly and have the midi button pressed when it isn’t pressed. 

Problem #1!!

What about air guitar? 

Interactive Apps

Yep, air guitar. 

Who doesn’t love a good air guitar? Tell ya what though, imagine being able to play and actual air guitar using glove. Well, that’s my project for interactive apps. 

Here’s the plan. Gonna use an arduino nano board, a bunch of either switches or touch buttons, and a nice pair of gloves and I’m gonna program four switches to play open bass guitar notes for the right hand…and four switches to alter them by fret 1-4. Thus giving a nice all round air guitar pair of gloves. 

The problem I’m facing is: 

A: My lack of understanding with coding. 

B: Playability regarding the wiring process. 

C: I’m gonna need a bigger board. 

So far I have bought a breadboard, solder less wires, two lots of switches (some touch and some on/off). 

Including a tutorial on how to program multiple buttons. 

So. Wish me luck xx