Air Guitar! Not the McBusted song! 

This device was made with the intention of being fun. Having a MIDI controller literally at your fingertips. 

Before I go into it, there is a lot of growth with the hardware and even more with the software capabilities. At the moment it sits as press on release of midi activation switches. This cuts the sound of the note taking away a feel of a real guitar. Also, changing the buttons to touch reactive activators with velocity controlled synth, cue my complete lack of MaxMSP enthusiasm. This would free up the feel options to give more flow. 

Second half would be hardware. Wireless and self powered would be awesome!! 

It is a toy. Simply put. Toy. Imagine getting a pair of these at Christmas. 


Author: TheMyTFozzy

An events DJ that may one day become the worlds first at something. Doubt it though as most of my endeavours are local or source based. I'm a student studying Creative Music Technology at the Atrium University of South Wales. Read at your own risk!

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