My Project for Interactive Apps

In light of my current project, The Air Guitar Gloves, I feel the need to express all.

Introducing The Air Guitar Gloves

Following on from other items of multi purpose, I wanted to create a toy that is fitting for children as well as fitting for the budding musician. As a lover of guitar hero I imagined a world without an actual controller. Or more apt, a world where air guitar actually played music. Using a teensy board, several wires and a handful of switches, I set about programming the notes into the tiny device to turn it into a MIDI device capable of playing the first five frets on all strings for a standard four string bass guitar.

What had to happen then was testing (see other CMT related blogs). Testing saw the requirement for more usable switches. Touch switches were sourced, and have proven to be a much more suitable fret board adjuster and string activator than a simple push button. Alas, these require some code adjustment as they require 3V power to insure the button reads as active. The code is currently set to INPUT_PULLUP which means the signals are reversed and LOW means the note plays. Now the code needs to be adjusted so that LOW means off. Well, that was the theory behind them. Safe to say they didn’t work. So I changed back to oroginal push switches. 

To wire the switches in, gloves were sourced and the switches were stitched to the outside while the wiring threaded through the interior. One ground wire that connects to all the switches and one individual activator/pin wire for each individual and relevant button. 

The Look

Think Michael Jackson wearing two gloves while mimicking Phil Lynott  playing Smoke On The Water. 

I’m hoping this to be altered in the future to become easier to use. To be wireless and have the coding reduced to clear. The incorporation of MaxMSP to help with the fluidity of the gloves including wireless application and self sustained sound, would be awesome. 




Author: TheMyTFozzy

An events DJ that may one day become the worlds first at something. Doubt it though as most of my endeavours are local or source based. I'm a student studying Creative Music Technology at the Atrium University of South Wales. Read at your own risk!

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