1 finger and 1 fret down.

I’ve done it.  Spent a few days but I now have a MIDI controllable bottom E and first fret selector for my gloves/jacket.

Watched videos on YouTube about multiple buttons but they were getting me know where. I found the bounce.h to be a fantastic was to simplify button input.

Basic circuit to… 

Took me a while to realise that having an if statement inside an if statement meant I could have a closure statement of else containing the two ifs I needed. Also, as you’ll see in my code, there is only an added buttonState == LOW where the requirement for the fret to increase by 1.

Now, I’ll duplicate the buttons, add a few extra for other frets. Name them all separately so I can manipulate them separately and then… Find more problems to overcome. 

Like my current lack of buttons. 


Author: TheMyTFozzy

An events DJ that may one day become the worlds first at something. Doubt it though as most of my endeavours are local or source based. I'm a student studying Creative Music Technology at the Atrium University of South Wales. Read at your own risk!

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