What about air guitar? 

Interactive Apps


Yep, air guitar. 

Who doesn’t love a good air guitar? Tell ya what though, imagine being able to play and actual air guitar using glove. Well, that’s my project for interactive apps. 

Here’s the plan. Gonna use an arduino nano board, a bunch of either switches or touch buttons, and a nice pair of gloves and I’m gonna program four switches to play open bass guitar notes for the right hand…and four switches to alter them by fret 1-4. Thus giving a nice all round air guitar pair of gloves. 

The problem I’m facing is: 

A: My lack of understanding with coding. 

B: Playability regarding the wiring process. 

C: I’m gonna need a bigger board. 

So far I have bought a breadboard, solder less wires, two lots of switches (some touch and some on/off). 

Including a tutorial on how to program multiple buttons. 

So. Wish me luck xx

Author: TheMyTFozzy

An events DJ that may one day become the worlds first at something. Doubt it though as most of my endeavours are local or source based. I'm a student studying Creative Music Technology at the Atrium University of South Wales. Read at your own risk!

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